Michelle McKenzie Ministries / God's International Interpretive Ministry Academy

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey. Although things have changed where we are not able to meet at facilities. We are creating ways to meet through social media apps .

An Idea Is Born

Moving forward we will do things differently as policies throughout the globe change. We will meet the needs of persons through the distribution of gift cards. We will also assist persons in need through Cash App. Cards will be mailed out. The Cash App will be given to persons who identify needs.  

Distribution Center 

This platform is to assist with the needs in communities to disperse Food. Hygiene Product. Clothes. (e.g. basic human needs). For Persons of 

• Physical Disability

• Empowerment Training

• Engaging Millennials

• Connecting Mature Persons

• Women’s Faith Study

• Men’s Faith Study

• Streaming Prayer Services