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GSFUMInc exists to assist willing vessels to come into the knowledge and revelation of the Glory of the God of the Bible. We believe that Worship is an everyday experience and ministry flows beyond the walls of the church. It extends into communities that will assist willing vessels to recognize dependent patterns that hinder strategic spiritual growth; to aid persons who become disabled during the course of life to reach their goals of all of life's aspects: to elevate and bring individuals as well as families into their destiny.




We Believe in the God Head.

Our Father the Great God Jehovah/Yehovah. His Son Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach as Savior and His Holy Spirit/Ruach Hakodesh as one entity.

He is Infinite in Power, Omniscient, Holy in Nature, Full of Wisdom and Goodness, and the Preserver of Things. 

We Believe the Bible is the Inspired Infallible Word of God, Penned by Holy men as God's Holy Spirit moved them (2nd Timothy 3:16)

We Believe in Living a Life Holy and Acceptable as the Reasonable Service to God (Romans 12:1).

We Believe in the Intercessory Prayer as a cohesive unit in one Place on Accord (Acts 2:1)

We Believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Miracle Working Power (Matthew (9:35) 

We Believe in the afterlife of Everlasting Life with the Acceptance of Jesus Christ Savior of all mankind (John 3:16)

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