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Apostle Michelle is a seasoned speaker who is deeply devoted to Yeshua Jesus Christ. Her messages are on prophetic visions and supernatural patterns written in the Word of God. These messages are grounded through Biblical principles that offer tools to help listeners apply these values to everyday living. She speaks from the Issachar anointing for spiritual times and scientific climates. She helps individuals walk in their appointed assignment.


Apostle Dr. Michelle McKenzie

     Apostle Dr. Michelle McKenzie was born in Washington, D.C., the Nation’s Capital. She is the 8th daughter and the 12th child born into the McKenzie family. She was educated in the public school system and graduated from Dunbar Senior High in Washington. D.C. She is the proud mother of one daughter, M. A. McKenzie. As a child, she attended Lincoln Park United Methodist Church. During Sunday school a question was asked of the attendees; what each of us will be when we grow up? She was eight years old when the question was asked. When the question was directed at her, she was taken into a trance. In the trance, Jesus walked into the room and told her she would be a pastor.


      Before moving on to higher learning, Apostle Michelle McKenzie trained and developed as a minister in various local ministries. She studied at the Maple Springs College and Bible Seminary in Capitol Heights, MD for four years. After being ordained as an elder in 2009 she began pastoring. She is also affirmed as an Apostle/Prophetess through her Apostle, Dr. Jacques Amilcar, MD., who holds a BA in Theology. Apostle Michelle is deeply committed to Kingdom work and is an advocate for women’s empowerment. She operates with integrity, and the spirit of excellence, and is completely devoted to Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ. She is filled with Holy Spirit and exemplifies the Scripture Matthew 28:18-20 the sole purpose of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

          For most of her life, Apostle Dr. Michelle McKenzie has had several encounters and conversations with God’s preternatural agents and more importantly the Godhead. However, in May of 1994, Father God appeared to Apostle Michelle while she was worshiping. Her home was filled with the smoke of the Glory of God. Father God spoke to her through her daughter who was 8yrs old at the time for 12 hours. The conversation started on May 21st at 1:45 pm and lasted until 1:45 am. While Apostle Michelle would often see inside the spirit world Father God granted her greater access during the 12-hour experience. In the meeting, Father God directly imparted to Apostle Michelle an Apostle Prophet Mantle.

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